Tuning and Repairs

We can fine tune or repair anything!

Lake Placid Ski and Boards - Ski Tuning and Reapairs

Ski & Snowboard Tuning / Repairs

We have a full service ski & snowboard shop with Wintersteiger and Grindrite tuning machines. Our technicians are trained to tune your equipment to glide and edge at peak... all at affordable prices. We will try to get your repair done right away so that you are back on the hill as quick as possible!

- Full Tune-Up -

Only $34.95 ($39.95 includes an iron wax applied, wax scrap, and rotobrush.)

Including the highest quality structure. Includes flattening of ski with belt grind, base repair (extra p-tex or coreshots or basewelds not included), high qaulity structure of base, hot wax applied by montana wax machine, rotobrush finish... all this for only 34.95.

$34.95 includes Montana Waxer and Roto Brush Machine applied. $39.95 includes Hot Iron wax applied, Scrape and Rotobrushed.

Lake Placid Ski and Board - Ski Tuning and Reapairs

- Super Tune-Up -

Only $49.95

Lake Placid Ski and Boards - Super Tune

Includes: Belt grind on Winterteiger Sigma s350 machine, Base repair with Ptex(coreshots and basewelds are not included), Custom Stonegrind for current snow conditions, Custom Hand Side/Base edge beveling.

In a Super Tune-up we check for base flatness, do any base repairs(coreshots/basewelds not included). We put a custom stone ground structure on the base to prevent snow suction. Both side and base edges are hand sharpened to give the most accurate bevel angles. We do a hot base prep wax, with an Iron on hand wax for current snow conditions and temperature.

- Junior Tune-Up (140cm and Below) -

Only $24.95

Includes flattening of ski with belt base grind, base repairs with ptex, wax of base, rotobrush finish.

Lake Placid Ski and Board - Ski Tuning and Reapairs

- Basic Quick Tune-Up (Edge & Wax) -

Only $29.95 ($24.95 if wax applied by our machine instead of a iron on wax application)

Lake Placid Ski and Board - Basic Tune

Includes base and side edge bevel to factory recommended bevel angles on edge machine, iron on wax for current snow conditions/ temperature, scrap, rotobrush finish.

- Other Services: -

Edge Only:
Hand Wax:
Stone Grind:
Base Repair/Base Weld:
Starting at $18.00
Edge Repair/Replacement:
starting at...$29.95(materials not included)
Boot to Binding Adjustment:
(with Torque Test) $24.95
Boot Repair/Blowout/Customization:
$1 per minute
Snowboard Mount: